Tracy Chapman: 30 Years of Storytelling

What can we say about Tracy Chapman that has not already been said about one of the greatest songwriters of all time? Her grace and eloquence remain unrivaled. You're invited to a dinner (listening) party where we'll break bread together in celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of Ms. Chapman's debut, and the fourth anniversary of the cultural institution which is Sarah Kirnon's Miss Ollie's. 

Ms. Chapman introduced herself to the world thirty years ago with a self-titled album that is no less critical of then than it is of today. Looking at the album as a point of origin, how far have we come? Is this the direction in which we wanted to travel? Who is here? Who is not here? Can we make room for them? Do we even belong here? What are we holding onto here? Is it worth holding onto? What have we lost and what have we gained? Does any of this mean anything at all? Is there space for any of it to actually mean anything at all? 

Please come join us. We'll play selections from Ms. Chapman's career the entire evening while we break bread, share stories, love-up one another, mourn, release, uplift, confess, encourage, look back, look forward, and love. We come together in love. Please come join us.

Miss Ollie’s
November 7 • 6:00-10:00PM

There is no ticket for entry. Your RSVP helps with preparation. Dinner is available for purchase.