Marshall Trammell

On Thursday, September 26 MATATU presents activist/musician Zap Mama in conversation with Raoul Peck's Patrice Lumumba: la mort du Prophete. The program (Sentiment III of MATATU19) is the result of a six month collaboration with the artist, where she engages in a public conversation with musical interludes prompted by Patrice Lumumba and his legacy.

Marshall Trammell is a Music Research Strategist performing political education on and beyond the limits of the bandstand. He is a focused multi-percussionist centered in African/Diasporic & global indigenous principles and i/Improvisatory practices for over 30 years. He is known for such projects as Black Spirituals, Mutual Aid Project, Black Fighting Formations and collaborations with John Tchicai, Roscoe Mitchell, Pauline Oliveros, Saul Williams, Raven Chacon and many others. Currently he is on his fifth solo tour, Status Quo Is My Enemy, performing a series of “Indexical Moment/um” interventions in the formation of the ArchiVerse, a community archival multiple universe, recontextualizing and reinserting tactical media strategies from the Underground Railroad. Mr. Trammell spends his time between Albuquerque, NM & Oakland, CA.

Lumumba: la mort du Prophete offers a unique opportunity to reconsider the life and legacy of one of the legendary figures of modern African history. Like Malcolm X, Patrice Lumumba is remembered less for his lasting achievements than as an enduring symbol of the struggle for self-determination.

Haitian filmmaker Raoul Peck meditates on his own memories as the privileged son of an agricultural expert working for the regime which displaced Lumumba. He examines home movies, photographs, old newsreels and contemporary interviews with Belgian journalists and Lumumba's own daughter to try to piece together the tragic events and betrayals of 1960.

Peck presents an unfamiliar Europe seen through the eyes of a visitor from the Third World - cold, affluent, a guilty present trying to forget its past. Yet, as this film testifies, Lumumba's prophecy will not be silenced until Africa achieves its second independence where the promises of the first can be fulfilled.

Known to her fans as Zap Mama, Marie Daulne redefines the term "vocalist." She is more than just a singer — she alternates between storytelling and organic creative expression utilizing the tonality of the human voice.
Since first bursting on the scene almost 20 years ago, the Belgian-Congolese diva has wowed audiences around the world with her unique sound, which seamlessly blends African, American, and European cultural influences and effortlessly mixes genres such as R&B, hip-hop, and jazz with indigenous and tribal sounds. In addition to her musical endeavors, Daule has worked with humanitarian aid organizations Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, CARE and the United Nations.

Date & Time: September 26 • 7:30PM
Location: Starline Social Club

The complete performance experience is included with each ticket.