The Art of Storytellin'

On Saturday, November 24 the Bay Area once again pays homage to OutKast, one of the greatest hip-hop duos of all time, at The Art Of Storytellin’ Outkast Tribute Party.

Emerging in 1994 on the Atlanta-based boutique LaFace Records, Outkast became the first southern US hip-hop act to achieve both commercial and critical success, and in the process shifted hip-hop’s capital from New York City to Atlanta, Georgia. Not only would OutKast’s emergence signal a creative shift in pop music, it would trigger tectonic movements in fashion and culture – with songs like “Liberation” and “Ms. Jackson” unifying the social commentary and community struggles of the diaspora worldwide. With production helmed by Atlanta's Organized Noize (ONP)< OutKast was the flagship act from the Dungeon Family, a loosely organized collective of ONP acts that collaborated with and influenced one another, and pop music as a whole, from the mid-90s until present time.

Now in its seventh year, The Art of Storytellin’ promises an extraordinary experience at the Starline Social Club in Oakland, California – another city with a brightly shining star in the hip-hop and pop music firmament.

THE KAST ROOM (upstair) features DJ SAKE ONE w/ LADY RYAN playing all OutKast + affiliated artists, features, remixes & B-sides

THE CRUNK ROOM (downstairs) features The Changing Same w/ The CME and Chale Brown playing ATL and Southern rap classics from the OutKast catalog & beyond

Starline Social Club
November 24 • 9:00PM - 2:00AM

co-presented by the folk at Fusicology