1745: An Untold Story

Before it was commissioned through the Scottish Film Talent Network, 1745 started out as a magical fantasy film called "The Atkin Sisters" telling the story of two "hybrid" sisters with "special powers." The original concept from writer Morayo Akandé and script developer Moyo Akandé was "..a fantasy drama set in early 18th century Scotland. Follow the tales of two sisters, Emma and Rebecca, two slaves who have escaped their master. Wanted and on the run, they struggle to control their newly discovered powers as hybrids and escape the evils that hunt them."

Red Bay Coffee
October 27 • 7:00PM

Pay What Makes You Smile

Genre: Drama
Year: 2017
Length: 18'
Nation: Nigeria, Scotland
Language: Yoruba, English
Writer: Morayo Akandé
Script Developer: Moyo Akandé