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Surrogates: Emotional Labor & the Black Woman

  • Starline Social Club 2236 Martin Luther King Junior Way Oakland, CA, 94612 United States (map)

Free w RSVP: Have you noticed how fatigued you tend to feel at the end of the day? Almost as if you’re drained to the point where even trivial matters become tremendous burdens, and you realize the degree of resistance you feel may be unwarranted? Throughout the day with co-workers or colleagues, phone conversations with friends and family, scrolling through social media and the news - you’ve absorbed an overload of exhaustive information. 

Overwhelming as it may be, women coming home to partners and/or families understand that their day is far from over. Whether helping with homework, tackling housework, preparing dinner, and performing/delegating other tasks, it is quite possibly literally more than one human being may manage. 

You are problem-solving and processing issues with/for so many people and too often don’t feel you have the level of support that you need. What you are experiencing is Emotional Labor. 

As women, society approaches and responds to us as though we are the (divine) caretakers for the rest of the world. It is overwhelming, but it also has its benefits and advantages. On Saturday, November 11, we invite you to explore the Emotional Labor that women in our society feel and allow space for you to collectively process how it impacts your world. 

This program is facilitated by Fellana L. Randall, MFTI, a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist Intern & Relationship Expert that focuses on the challenges that WOC encounter in work & dating relationships. Due to stigma, WOC often don't have access to mental health support that may be needed during times of emotional pain. WOC too often feel both invisible & exotified, feel forced towards self-comparison, feel undervalued & demoralized through experiencing racial and/or gender microaggressions, and have a high tendency to find themselves making compromises to their values. Her goal is to help you overcome insecurities, improve your sense of self-worth, provide a sense of belonging, & offer therapeutic tools. 

'Surrogates: Emotional Labor & the Black Woman'' is presented by MATATU within a body of workshops that navigate self-determination, wellness, sovereignty, and a roadmap to the future. The workshops are free to the public and funded by Akonadi Foundation's Beloved Community Fund.

MATATU is a platform for conversation, experience, and expression that helps ordinary people share their journeys. Together, we hope to enhance empathy and understanding of the global human condition. 

We are fiscally sponsored project of Intersection for the Arts. Learn more about us at

Earlier Event: November 11
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