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Celestial Gate: Hasnaa Tauhidi

  • Red Bay Coffee 3098 East 10th Street Oakland, CA, 94601 United States (map)

The theme of existing within a group and recognizing the tensions and identities arising therefrom has risen in the minds of so many as the social climate of our times is rapidly shifting. What does it mean to be self? What does it mean to be other? We invite you to engage in an alternate reality experience. Rather than focus on the notion of finding your separate place within the group, we are inspired by the possibility of exploring the concept of unified consciousness. We move beyond the polarity mindset of this or that to explore the paradox of the relative and the absolute. Meaning, we are separate individuals and we are the entire universe at the same time. Our vision is to allow you a moment to feel the loss of identity and experience self as just a lens through which the universe is experiencing itself. This performance requires active deep listening and the ability to temporarily suspend any judgment. Please join us for the journey. 

Sound is the vibrational nature of Creation and our energetic (subtle) bodies on a physiological and sub-atomic level. Cultures all over the world have utilized sound, throughout human history to access states of consciousness and awareness, for channeling that which they hold as sacred. Sound can be used for healing incantations, to journey into other worlds, to awaken ecstatic states of awareness and to align with one's own divine essence and inner knowing. Drawing from contemporary and ancient wisdom, we utilize techniques with voice and instruments to enhance awareness and integration of sound for an authentic healing experience. We explore esoteric sound practices to realize heightened states of wellness and self-realization.

Emani captivates listeners with a hypnotic sound cultivated from mystical lands. He dives into meditative states where time and space melt away bringing the listener along for the journey. Hasnaa uses her voice as an instrument for harmonizing the mind with pure consciousness. She guides the listener through altered states into a lucid vision of potential and possibility. The pure realms of Light and Sound are where the holy beings dwell. Sound healing causes the nervous system including our heart rate, respiration, and brain waves to attune and entrain with the rhythm. This alone is quite powerful, because as we slow down our bodily rhythms, we begin to sink into deeper states of consciousness. Sacred tones affect the physical body, our cells, our molecules, and even our DNA. In addition, sound can resonate and affect our chakras and other aspects of our subtle anatomy. This work is based on an understanding of the human energy system and how to approach healing from an intuitive perspective. Together our intention is to provide pathways to awakened states of wholeness and well-being.

Earlier Event: October 13
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