Props to our art director Julie Munsayac, who designed our brand identity. Julie's hand drawn emblems pay homage to the Haitian vodou tradition, and complement the poster art for our film selections. We view each of the films in our program as flags – as evidence that these kingdoms exist.

Our flags are occasionally offered for purchase, benefiting folks in need via Médecins Sans Frontières.


We commissioned Oakland artist Mahader Tesfai to design the poster art for MATATU15: The Spectacular Walk of Ordinary People. Mahader created this beautiful sketch and magnet size matatu that speak toward the vivid, humorous, and light hearted nature of travel by matatu.


We shared our vision for MATATU with Lexx Valdez when it was just an idea. Her interpretation couldn't have been more beautiful. Lexx's posters work to illustrate the journeys upon any given matatu ride, and the storied impact of women and feminism the world over.